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Donate to dahliaOS

Thank you for your support! We use donations to keep improving our project and hardware support, and donations will go towards the following:

  • Website hosting
  • Web Domains
  • Development Software licenses
  • Devices for testing and expanding hardware support

Where can I donate?

Currently, donations can be sent through Paypal, other services will be coming soon.

We kindly ask that you untick the Paying for goods or a service? box, as this is merely a donation, otherwise Paypal subtracts 38% away from the amount donated as tax.


Thanks to all of our donators for their support!

2020 Donations


Raphael K.


At dahliaOS, we are entirely committed to transparency, below is a complete list of financial trasactions made using donated funds.

Type Date Price
There are no purchases at this time. N/A N/A