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dahliaOS is a modern, secure, lightweight and responsive operating system, combining the best of GNU/Linux and Fuchsia OS.

Release ● dahliaOS Linux-Based build 200804 ● 5th of August, 2020

We've released a new version of our Linux-Based builds! This build adds a bunch of new features to Pangolin, and fixes some old bugs within the system! Remember, this is an alpha pre-release and should not be used in production!

Community ● We've been featured on Distrowatch! ● 27th of July, 2020

dahliaOS is finally listed on the Distrowatch waiting list! Please visit the site linked below and recommend dahliaOS by clicking "Reccomend" next to our listing! You can use CTRL + F to find us, we're under the "Projects waiting evaluation" list!

Release ● dahliaOS Linux-Based build 200630.1 ● 30th of June, 2020

We've released a new version of our Linux-Based builds! This build adds many new features and updates the Pangolin Desktop Environment! Remember, this is an alpha Pre-Release and should not be used in production! Download it below!

We've been featured in an article! ● 29th of June, 2020

4 weeks ago, an article was published called Top Linux Distributions To Look Forward To In 2020 and we're listed as the number 8 in it! It's exciting for us to see that we're getting some reviews and features in articles, we hope you're as excited as we are!

Release ● Pangolin web build & domain ● 29th of June, 2020

We've released a new update for the online version of Pangolin and ported it over to our custom domain! The web build from now on will automatically update itself so make sure to stay updated! P.S You can also download it as PWA from the website for offline usage.

Release ● Linux build 200614.1 ● 15th of June, 2020

This release now features the Pangolin UI! Simply log in and follow the prompt on boot to start the GUI to use Pangolin, or interact with the system through a command line. This build does not run in QEMU and has very limited support in Virtualbox.

Community ● 200 Discord members! ● 15th of June, 2020

Hello, community members and supporters! We have finally gained 200 members on our Discord server! We appreciate every single one of you showing up and we hope that you'll stick around long enough untill we release the first fully working build of our OS!

Release ● Pangolin Flutter Web Build ● 12th of June, 2020.

We've released a new update for the online version of Pangolin, meant for those who don't want to mess around with Flutter commands, and compiled directly from the latest source! P.S You can also download it as PWA from the website for offline usage

Community ● We're on Twitter! ● 11th of June, 2020.

We opened a Twitter account just today! It would mean a lot to us if you went over to check it and leave a follow! We'll be posting a lot of cool stuff over there as we already do on our other social media platforms, listed below! We will be posting new releases there soon!

Development ● New user interfaces! ● 11th of June, 2020.

We are starting work on two new user shells called Starlight and Haven! Starlight and Haven UIs will be more of a modern, simple, minimalistic design, different than Pangolin's material style design. The new interfaces will follow a new design metaphor!
Just the basics

dahliaOS keeps things light by only including apps you need, and you can add all of your favorites from other operating systems using the Containers app. dahliaOS also provides a curated marketplace for third-party native Flutter applications, so you can use nearly every application within one system!.

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A wide range of supported devices

dahliaOS provides a fast and stable experience on nearly every computer, from a 2004 desktop tower to the latest generation of mobile notebooks. Our dual kernel approach allows users with new(er) hardware to take advantage of the Zircon Kernel, while maintaining support for older devices using the Linux Kernel.
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Internet Recovery

If something goes wrong with your system, dahliaOS will automatically download and boot from the latest image to help you get back up and running.

Powered by the best of Fuchsia and Linux

To ensure the widest range of support, dahliaOS provides builds based on both the Zircon and Linux kernels. Both images provide the same great desktop experience.

Effortless multitasking

dahliaOS features a brand new window manager, built from the ground up and designed to adapt between mobile and desktop platforms.

Optimized for every platform

Powered by the Buildroot build system, dahliaOS packs itself into a tiny 160 MB image file*, using only 199 MB of RAM when idle!

Free and open source

dahliaOS is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and all of our source code can be found on Github.

Rolling Release

dahliaOS provides frequent minor updates and patches, and updates in the background without interrupting your work, no reboots required.

Built-in containers

Do you want to use dahliaOS but keep using your old apps? You can! The Containers application allows you to run nearly any app within dahliaOS.

Developer Friendly

With dahliaOS, you can run all of your favorite development software, manage the system through the terminal, and save system resources for intensive work.

dahliaOS Linux-based 200804 features a brand new set of applications, adds support for dedicated GPUs, and has been tweaked to runs smoothly in most virtualization software.

dahliaOS Linux-based 200804 PRE-RELEASE
Kernel 5.6.15
x86_64 EFI
104 MB
pangolin-desktop: commit 2f107a8999721f245468bdc861a5eec4e0a4220f