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Discover an intuitive operating system with a modern user interface, efficient multitasking, advanced networking, security features and respectful privacy. Powered by Linux - designed to be lightweight for a fast and versatile computing experience.

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Just the basics

dahliaOS keeps things light by only including apps you need leaving the choice to the user on what other applications to install. We provide a curated marketplace for third-party applications so that the user can install any application they wish within just one click! It's also possible to install all of your favorite applications from other operating systems using Graft, our virtual machine and containers management application.


One of our primary goals is to provide as many useful features as possible while maintaining a great and painless experience for the user. We've dedicated a lot of time to customizability so it's possible to change the look and feel of almost every component of the shell.

Modern desktop enviroment

Pangolin desktop enviroment written in Flutter focused on UI/UX.

Rolling release

Frequent minor updates and patches.

DAP Packages

Simple packaging format based on the AppImage architecture.

Built-in containers

Use applications from other operating systems on dahliaOS.

Native applications

dahliaOS comes bundled with a set of native applications written in Flutter.

Custom window manager

Utopia, our WM solution that enhances the experience and boosts productivity by helping you arrange your windows with ease.

wide range of support dahliaos devices

A wide range of supported hardware

dahliaOS provides a fast and stable experience on nearly every computer, from an old desktop tower to the latest generation of mobile notebooks.

Free open source software

dahliaOS is and always will be open sourced and 100% free. All of our code and even some design work is hosted on GitHub licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. We believe transparency is important. We're also proud to say that since August of 2020 we're members of the Open Invention Network, the world's largest patent non-aggression community and free defensive patent pool.

wide range of support dahliaos devices
pangolin desktop enviroment


We offer a web preview of the Pangolin shell so you don't have to install the system just to see if our shell is made for you. Some features are disabled on the web preview but are functional on the actual system itself.


Below in the download component are all dahliaOS downloads, we offer both Legacy and EFI images.

Older releases

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