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Most dahliaOS applications are cross-platform but all of them are written in Flutter. dahliaOS comes in a minimal package with the following native pre-installed applications:

graft application icon


Graft is an application for managing virtual machines and containers on dahliaOS.

settings application icon


Settings is an application for setting up your enviroment in dahliaOS and customization.

files application icon


Files is an application for viewing and managing your files and folders.

app store application icon

App store

App store is an application that provides a curated marketplace for third-party applications.

clock application icon


Clock is an application for viewing the time, setting alarms and timers.

welcome application icon


Welcome is an application for getting started with dahliaOS.

terminal application icon


Terminal is an application for interacting with the shell.

calculator application icon


Calculator is an application for performing basic calculations.

task manager application icon

Task manager

Task manager is an application for managing system processes and resources.

media application icon


Media is an application for managing albums, viewing photos and videos.

text editor application icon

Text editor

Text editor is an application for creating and editing text documents.

logs application icon

System logs

System logs is an application for viewing system logs useful for debugging and solving problems.

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